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I know how difficult it can be to keep up to date with Online Safety..

Social Media Apps, Games and Platforms change all the time.  I understand the challenge Parents and Carers face when it comes to finding trusted information online.  Online Safety can't be a tickbox. It has to be effective. 

Imagine this...

Unlimited Access - To ALL of our Online Safety Resources

Access to our Physical Parents & Carers 'DIGITAL WORLD' Workshop in 3 short, digestible, easy to follow videos  - all straight to your Smartphone.
Access and search our library of useful Awareness & How to.. Videos and Podcasts, PDF and Digital Wellbeing Resources - all straight to your Smartphone.
Videos resources from trusted Therapists, Practitioners and Health & Social Care Professionals as well as regular Blogs - every month - all straight to your Smartphone.

Guaranteed Online Safety Updates - Every Month

We do the research so you don't have to.   Access to up to date online safety and digital wellbeing videos, tools and other resources. Handpicked key information for you, from me and the team.
Every month we condense what you need to know into two short 2 minute videos.  Plus Online Safety resources delivered right to your Smartphone 
Notifications - When new videos or resources are available our alert system notifies your Smartphone device or inbox.  

Saving you time - and Stress.

Our aim is to save you time and make it ultra-convenient for you to access key information from a trusted source, as and when you need it. 
We produce, condense and make digestible quality information from trusted sources.
Helpful guidance  on self regulating screen time, technology boundary settings,  parental controls, social engineering, recognising scams and much more..helping you and your family get a better life balance with technology.  

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We created this app to help Parents and Carers with everyday online life..

Author of 'The Student's Guide to an Epic Online Reputation..and parents too,', Coach, Educator, Speaker and Trainer, Wayne Denner set up Ireland's first Social Network platform in the early noughties before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo!.  

After 23 years in this space Wayne is now internationally regarded as a thought leader and influencer on online safety and reputation, online behaviour, community engagement and emerging trends in social media in today's rapidly changing online environment.  

Wayne helps families, organisations and businesses protect themselves online and take advantage of technology.

Become a more informed Digital Parent
(for less than the cost of  2 Coffees per month).

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Super App Resource

Excellent advice received from Wayne about allowing my daughter onto a gaming platform that as a parent I am unsure about the safety of such platforms. He described the safety protocols and parental controls that I can set up. Checks and screen time limitations etc. Provided me also with a demo. On hand to help at anytime. Thanks Wayne.



Fantastic App

Great content for worried parents of teenagers like me who use social media daily, content is updated regularly and the alerts always keep me in the loop.  Essential Smartphone App for ALL Parents.



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